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Blank Stencil Sheets 7.5 mil mylar
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Blank Stencil Sheets 7.5 mil mylar

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7.5 mil mylar is probably the best stencil material.  It has both flexibility and durability.  It will conform to rounded surfaces easily.  It is light and easily attached to vertical surfaces with our repositionable adhesive spray.

Available in 8.5 inch x 10.5 inch or 12 inch x 17.5 inch sheets, in packs of 10, 25, or 50.  We also sell this material by the foot off of rolls with widths of 18, 24 and 51 inches.

Can be cut with a firm manual knife or gyro cutter.  Our experience is that consumer grade electric cutters like a Cricut do not cut this material consistently  We recommend 4 mil for those machines.

Great for arts and crafts, custom lettering, signs, designs, and more. Make sure your stencil is cut with adequate bracing, and leave room on the edges for excess paint. Easy to clean? You bet. Just add a little soap and water or paint remover to your stencil material and watch as the paint comes right off. Cumbersome? Why, no. This light mylar will make your life so easy, you’ll feel like you’re not even trying.

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