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Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776

Brass Letter and Number Stencil Sets


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Brass Stencils are a time-test and proven stencil choice. Suitable for professionals and beginners alike and with proper care will last for years to come. Brass Stencils will become a trusted tool.

  • Durable brass is long-lasting
  • Clean up easily
  • Quick, legible signs on all surfaces
  • Stencils slide together and come apart easily
  • Use brush, spray ink, paint or markers
  • Reusable - long lasting

Please note our sets are offered in four different sets.

Letter and Number 45 Piece Sets contain:
All letters A-Z, 0-9, 1-beginner, 1-ender, 1-period ender, 2-spacers, 1-comma, 1-dash, 1-period, 1-ampersand, 1-apostrophe.

Letter Set   33 Pieces Contains:

All letters (26 pieces A-Z) 1-Beginner, 1-Period Ender, 1-Spacer, 1-Comma, 1-Dash, 1-Period, 1-&

Number Set 15 Piece Sets contain:
1-9, 0,0, 1-beginner, 1-plain ender, 1-dash, 1-period

Number Set 13 Piece Sets contain:

All numbers (10 pieces 0-9) 1-Beginner, 1-Plain Ender, 1-Period