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Letter Stencils & Number Stencils Sets

Our Alphabet and Number Stencils range from 1/2" letters to 48" letters. We have 35 different fonts from simple Block and Arial  to artistic Old English and Script style fonts. These are professional stencil sets with extra letters and numbers to make them easier and quicker to use.

Letter and number sets below 2 inches: come on a single page.

Letters and number Sets 2 inches and greater: are cut individually which allows them to be placed together prior to stenciling.

Letter Sets include 37 letters with an extra A, E, I , L,M,N,O,P,R, and T.

Number Sets include 22 pieces with two of each number and two dashes.

The complete set includes 62 pieces, 26 Upper and 26 lower case letters. 10 numbers, and a punctuation set.

Our letter sets come in a range of materials to suit your application:

Our Material and Size Recommendations:
Letters less than 1": Recommend simple fonts like Arial, Military and Times New Roman in 10 mil.

Letters 1-3 Inches: All fonts can work and we recommend 10 mil mylar film.

Letter 4" and larger: Applied to a Vertical surface: 10 mil Mylar film works great. Light enough to hold onto walls.
Applied to a Horizontal Surface: For interior typically 10 mil or 14 mil is recommended.

For exterior typically 60 mil especially if using spray equipment.