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CALL US AT (800) 334-1776 - FREE SHIPPING*

Washington D.C. Map Stencil

SKU SDC1822-000-M010

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The Washington D.C. Stencil is easy-to-use and comes with two pieces (an inlay and the stencil cut-out). Washington D.C. is labeled with the state name and capital, and includes detailed instructions. A Map Stencil project can be a fun and educational activity to use in a classroom, at home, on a playground, or in any setting.

Note on Size:

  • The product size listed is the size of the sheet of plastic being shipped.
  • The size of the image will vary from State to State
  • All products are designed to maximize the size of the image for a given sheet size.
  • Example: the 18" x 22" Texas stencil makes a 14" x 14" image.