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Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776

12 Foot FAA Airport Taxiway Stencil

SKU SCC0010-A-144-L060

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12 foot Airport Stencils for runways and taxiways. All Airport aviation numbers stencils and letter stencils conform to FAA advisory circular AC 150/5340-1L.

(see the PDF download on pg 109 of the FAA website)

Painting airport taxiways and runways will help your organization meet current federal regulations. As FAA guidelines change and runway/ taxiway markings fade, stencil painting should be done every couple of years.

Our 12 foot high runway/ taxiway stencils are laser cut on durable 1/8" (125-mil) or 1/16” (60-mil) thick LLDPE plastic that lays flat and guarantees professional painting results. Each character ships as a two-piece set that fit together using tabs to ensure accuracy. The standard FAA arrow stencil and square dot stencil required for runways/ taxiways are also available. Our stencils can be used with any painting equipment or spray application available. All stencils can be cleaned and reused many times.

12 foot tall stencils are measured as the top of the character to the bottom of the character. The sheet size they are cut on guarantees a minimum of 4” around all characters for overspray. Each character is made directly from FAA approved graphics.