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Playground Stencils

Popular Playground Stencils perfect for schools, municipalities, and park districts. These include our Hopscotch Stencil in multiple designs and Four Square Stencil.

We also have educational stencils including a US Map Stencil and Compass Stencil. We have established sizes but are happy to scale our stencils up or down. We also recommend perusing our Fuel UP To Play 60 Stencils to see more examples of fun Playground Stencils which combine physical activity and learning. For professionals and Facilities managers we offer these stencils in 1/16th in LLDPE. Absolutely suited for hundreds of uses, one stencil can be used for entire district. Especially suited for spray equipment. For homeowners or for smaller facilities we also offer these stencils in 14 Mil Mylar. Less expensive, they are still very durable and can be used multiple times. This material is more suitable for Brush or Roller painting, though can be spayed as well.