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How to Create a Custom Stencil

Creating a custom stencil is easy and can deliver a professional and artistic result.  

1 First step is to plan where the stencil will go and measure how big you want it to be.  Remember that the actual stencil will be larger the the art or text and allow at least an inch for the stencil border.  

2. Note the surface that will be painted or marked as this is a key factor in deciding which material. 

3.  Also decide waht type of paint or media you will be using with the stencil.

WIth this information you can now move to stencil design:

There are now two paths you can take for getting your stencil made:

Path A:  Use our Custom stencil designer; this simple and easy tool handles text only stencils and gives you a clear picture of the how the stencil will look with your words dimensions and immediate pricing.  We normally will cut and ship the stencil the next day. While there are some limitations to the sizes and variations that we can handle with our Custom App it provides the fastest and least expensive approach to a custom stencil.


1. Type in the text. use line spaces and check your spelling.
2. Select the Font.
3. Choose the letter height.  Stencil dimensions will change automatically and make sure the overall stencil will be the correct size for your location.  If you lose some of your text the stencil is larger then our app can handle we have a limit of 120 inches in length. Either choose a small letter height or use Path B.
3. Choose alignment,
4. Choose material. See material guide below.
5. Proof the design, Please check spelling. Check dimensions, the dimensions in the app are within 5% so if you have a specific dimension you desire please let us know, Check the box.
6. The price is now shown. Chose your quantity.  Notice our excellent pricing on copies.   

Path B: Use our request a quote form.  This easy to fill out form allows complete freedom to create any possible stencil.

1. Fill in your personal details.  We will send our quote to this person.
2. If you have a graphic or an existing design please upload. if it is text jjust put in a word or google doc and submit that. Feel free to add any notes here on the design.
3. Put your dimension requirements or needs  Maximum or minimum dimensions for either the art or the stencil itself or both.  This can include height, width and/or stroke of the lettering. Size of graphcs,, etc...
4. Tell us the application or how you will paint or use the stencil, Media such as paint or ink, and whether you will spray, roll, brush or other.  
5. Tells us how many copies if any,
6. Deadline of the project.
7. Any specific notes or requirements or questions.  ( multiple colors, special applicatoin notes etc.)

We usually get back with a ball park quote within a day or two. For very large and complicated projects it can take longer.  If you do not have all of the answers we will make a recommendation. Most likely we have done the project before and we can tell you the best way to proceed.