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Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Stencil

SKU SCC0155-002-M010

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Keep your surroundings clean and green with our line of recycle and trash marking stencils. These stencils will clearly distinguish where and how to dispose of trash, while stressing the importance of recycling. Ideal for trash & recycle receptacles at home, work, parks, schools, and much more.

These are cut on our 10 mil reusable plastic film. This material is thin enough to be stenciled onto slightly curved surfaces yet durable enough to be reused throughout your project. If you are interested in a different material, or need custom sizing to suit your individual needs, please contact us at 800-334-1776 or email

Text size measure 7.309 inches high by 19.376 inches wide. Each line contains 2 inch high lettering