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Face Shield Products

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Face Shield Effectiveness

Studies show that face shields may be better than masks against coronavirus.

Reopen Your Business Safely

1 How do I protect my employees from Covid-19?

If your employees need to be closer than six feet to each other or customers, they are at risk until vaccination is available. Face Shields protect their eyes, nose & mouth from droplets and prevent them from unintentionally touching their face.

2 How does Covid-19 spread?

  1. Droplets from sneezes, coughs, talking
  2. Touching our eyes, nose, mouth with contaminated hands
  3. Aerosols (small particles) of the virus in the air

3 Do Face Shields provide better protection than Face Masks?

Face Shields cover your eyes, nose & mouth, blocking the virus from each entry point. Recent studies show that Face Shields protect you from 96% of droplets when you are 18" away and 92% from 6 feet away.

The CDC recommended cloth face masks to protect others from your droplets which occur when you sneeze, cough, and talk. Unfortunately, face masks do not protect You from other people because your eyes are exposed and small particles can also travel through a surgical or cloth mask.

The plastic face shield blocks you from unintentionally touching your face with contaminated hands. Face masks do not prevent you from touching your eyes and many are uncomfortable, causing people to adjust them and fiddle with them, potentially with contaminated hands.

See here for other studies regarding face shield effectiveness.

4 Do Face Shields & Face Masks Need to be Disinfected?

Yes, after each use, face coverings need to be cleaned. Face Shields are easy to wipe off with household disinfectants and can be used repeatedly. The virus can not penetrate the plastic shield.

Face Masks need to be washed, preferably in a washing machine to ensure they disinfected. Unfortunately, this breaks down the weave of the fabric, increasing gaps that are too small for us to see, but large enough for the virus to travel through.

5 What about the aerosols?

Some of these small particles can flow through surgical and cloth face masks and around plastic shields. The amount of viral content in these small particles is less than the droplets. The only way to completely avoid the small particles is by social distancing.

Feedback From Medical Professionals

We have received the following feedback regarding our face shields from doctors & nurses in the field:

  • I like the simplicity of the face shield.
  • I have confidence that they are safer at work.
  • The face shield is easy to clean with disinfectant wipes.
  • The face shield is comfortable even with goggles or glasses and an N95 mask.
  • I like that the plastic is close to the face, reducing the potential for contaminated airflow.


    We developed face shield kits to enable people shut-in at home to assemble and donate to their local health care workers. The groundswell of support has been truly inspiring.

    Photo Gallery of Face Shield Kit Initiative

    Health care workers on the front line, fighting Covid-19 & Citizens helping protect them. We've captured photos of just a few heroes - thank you to all who are stepping up to help!

    1 How do I assemble the Face Shields?


    2.  CLEAN

      Wash hands, using soap & hot water for at least 20 seconds. Clean work-space & tools with disinfectant wipes or spray.

        3.  SET UP

        Put cardboard on work surface to protect it from glue. Place paper template on work surface, with the side to be glued near you. Tape template to work surface, covering the squares where elastic will be glued. This will protect the template.

        4.  CUT ELASTIC

        Cut the elastic into strips for headbands, using the measuring guide at bottom of the template.

        5.  SCUFF PLASTIC

        Scuff up areas to be glued with sandpaper or nail file. This will increase glue adhesion

        6.  GLUE & PRESS

        Fill the line on FOAM area with glue. Wipe stray glue strand on foam piece & set glue gun down. Press Foam on glue FIRMLY.

        Fill circles on Elastic area with glue. Wipe stray glue strands before setting down glue gun. Place end of elastic band on the first circle & press FIRMLY, spreading the glue to end of plastic shield.

        Stretch elastic across the foam & fold the end under, pressing onto the other circle at end of template. Glue should spread to end of plastic shield.

          Note: Be careful not to get stray glue strands on the plastic shield. If the glue is not spreading, it is too cold.

          7.  CHECK

          Tug on each end of the elastic to be sure it is firmly adhering. Gently pull on Foam to make sure it is secure.

            8.  CLEAN

            Check shield for fingerprints or other smudges. Clean if necessary. Rubbing Alcohol works well.

                2 What tools do I need for the Face Shield Kit?


                Note: Do not make face shield if you or someone in your household is sick, or you believe has been exposed to COVID-19.

                GATHER TOOLS

                    • Disinfectant wipes or spray bottle 
                    • Glue Gun with glue sticks
                    • Paper towel
                    • Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover (for cleaning shields)
                    • Scissors
                    • Sand Paper or nail file
                    • Something to protect work surface from glue e.g. piece of cardboard
                    • Packing Tape
                    • Sharpie 

                  3 How do I find Health Care workers who need these?

                  Health Care Facilities Requesting Face Shields

                  Get Us PPE is a website that provides an interactive map of 3,800 health care facilities requesting PPE donations. Contact location before donating. Click here for our Donation Letter.

                  Click here for #GetUsPPE

                  CITY OF CHICAGO
                  Requesting 1 million face shields. Drop off between 9am-3pm, Mon-Fri.
                  Drop off details: United Center, 16 S Wood St, Lot H

                  STATE OF ILLINOIS
                  Requesting 2 million face shields. They will distribute to facilities within 24 hours of receipt. Drop off hours:  7am - 7pm daily
                  Ship to or Drop off: CMS State Surplus Warehouse
                  Attn: IEMA-Donations
                  1924 S 10-1/2 Street, Springfield, IL 62703

                  4 Are these Face Shields FDA approved?

                  Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the FDA has suspended the requirement for Face Shields to be certified for medical use.